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For over 20 years, Kirby Rehabilitation has provided services for individuals affected by mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence and traumatic life experiences. Our comprehensive, approach to health and well-being has helped thousands of people remain or re-engage as productive members of society every year. These are people with stories who need help, help which positively impacts our community every day.

With today’s mental health crisis rising, we are focusing several of our programs on substance use and domestic violence prevention and education. We are partnering with local schools and community leaders to bring awareness and help youth, parents, families and teachers address this crisis.

Many of our programs focus on recovery for both youth and adults. In May 2021, we will open Kirby Recovery Home that will provide housing to men who are in recovery and need stabilization which is a critical part of recovery. Addiction recovery is a long-term process.  Kirby Recovery Home will provide males in recovery the opportunity to make significant mental and behavioral health improvements and put them on the path to feeling good, looking good and doing good.

Treatment for our clients is vital, however we find often that continuous care is financially unrealistic even for clients to afford the co-pay.  With your generous donations and support we can continue to provide the services and support for these individuals and families to give them Help, Hope and Healing.

At Kirby Rehabilitation, we are saving families, we support women and men who are in crisis and those who are making a change in their lives.  You can be a hero to the families we support.  Through your contribution you help our clients remain on the path of recovery. Kirby Rehabilitation annual goal is to raise $153,000 for 2021 to support program clients personal expenses related to recovery and support services.

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