Meet The Staff

We communicate to our clients that we want to assist in rehabilitating behavior not to penalize them for choosing to get help. We want our services to be within reach, personable and compassionate.


Our Mission

Our mission at Kirby Rehabilitation is to deliver quality mental health and substance abuse services to support individuals and families to achieve healthier and more productive lives. Also, to preserve families exposed to Domestic Violence and Substance abuse.


Our Approach

Kirby Rehabilitation’s approach to behavioral health is client focused; we listen and then meet you where you are at.

 From the first point of contact to discharge, referral and follow-up we work with you to develop a personalized plan that addresses your needs.


 We designed our behavioral health programs with the goal in mind to preserve our most precious commodities, our families. We want our vision to be expressed as a rehabilitation program that supports and empowers individuals exposed to domestic violence and substance abuse.

Our Philosophy

The Kirby Rehabilitation philosophy is to utilize our expert team of individuals in order to assist in the healing process of our clients. We address our client’s needs with professionalism, empathy and compassion. We take great pride in providing a healing environment for our clients, so they can safely begin the recovery process. By developing a structured environment and implementing a team based staffing approach; our clients feel safe and focus solely on their healing and recovery.

Lea Kirby Hill

Lea Kirby-Hill

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lea Kirby-Hill is CEO of Kirby Rehabilitation since 2014. Kirby Rehabilitation works to deliver quality mental health and substance abuse services to help individuals and families achieve healthier and more productive lives.

Lea’s career reflects her commitment to advocating for critical changes in the lives of children and families and in human service systems. Lea experienced multiple levels of management prior to her current position as CEO of Kirby Rehabilitation. In the course of her career, Lea has worked directly with youth and adults in individual and group settings using a variety of non-traditional and traditional treatment approaches. She has utilized her experience and educational background in the design and implementation of a number of programmatic variations tailored specifically to the needs of highly underserved populations. Whether working with court systems or community based programs, Lea works tirelessly to address the client’s needs related to substance abuse prevention, intervention and education and improving the lives of youth and families in the communities in which they live.

Her leadership career began as the executive director of SARF NFP from 1998 to 2013.  In 2014, SARF would change its name to Kirby Rehabilitation  Lea has worked her way through all levels of care with experience in compliance, intake, marketing,  program operations, finance and human resources. Lea has successfully restructured and sustained Kirby Rehabilitation and has continued to maintain and enhance its development and growth of the agency. Through guidance and leadership, Lea continues to be instrumental in designing innovative programs and services that include; The Partner Abuse Intervention Program (PAIP); Anger Management; the Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention Parent Education Program; Parent Coaching and individual counseling to decrease violence in at-risk communities in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburb. Lea has a passion and a drive to help the recovery population succeed in their healing goals. She understands that the recovery journey is a hard one, but it is worth the effort. 

In addition, Lea has been the force behind creating performing arts programs for the youth summer camp. Lea gained special recognition for writing a stage play regarding domestic violence which was performed at the historic Regal Theatre entitled “Relationships.”  She has also written, produced and appeared on a monthly CAN TV show educating the community on domestic violence.

In her role as Chief Executive Officer, Lea Kirby-Hill continues to open the door for growth and opportunities for her community, for the City of Chicago and Cook County.  Most recently, Kirby Rehabilitation under the leadership of Lea implemented the Restorative Justice program to empower at-risk youth and their families.   

In her role as the CEO, Lea maintains a strong connection to the community.  She has  established effective working relationships with community groups and organizations such as  Local Area Network (LAN/DCFS),Cook County, the Attorney General’s Office, Federal Qualified Health Centers, and Roseland Hospital.

Lea Kirby-Hill graduated from Columbia College and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Advertising and a Masters of Art in Social Work from Loyola University. 


Rochelle Hawkins

Medical Director

Dr. Rochelle Hawkins, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist in Harvey, IL and has over 43 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Temple University School of Medicine medical school in 1978. She is affiliated with Advocate Trinity Hospital and Ingalls Memorial Hospital.

She has been the Medical Director for Kirby Rehabilitation for the past 4 years and other Substance Abuse facilities.

Professional Staff

One of the most important components of addiction treatment is having a skilled, ethical, and supportive team, providing consistent and effective encouragement and treatment. At Kirby Rehabilitation our treatment team consists of experienced, highly-qualified professionals. A customized treatment plan combined with the unique experiences and compassion of our staff helps to provide quality care for those who come through our doors.

Stephanie Lee-McKenzie MS, CADC, LPC
Board Certified Counselor

Nathaniel Sneed
CADC Substance Abuse Certified Substance Abuse Counselor

LeDarryl Billingsly BA
Domestic Violence Counselor

Danielle Smith, MBA, Director 

Jeffrey McNeal, LCSW
Assistant Program Director, Crisis

Lisa Zieglar
Grant Coordinator

LeDarryl Billingsly
Program Director, Domestic Violence
(PAIP) Partner Abuse Intervention Program